Automating Telecom is our Business

Automation is the key to scaling most modern enterprises. The MasterStream™ family of hosted automation systems provide cost savings through operating efficiencies while enabling rapid growth and scale in sales activity by automating the quote and proposal generation process. By aggregating carrier APIs and leveraging service availability and pricing data for telecom providers each version of MasterStream™ removes the costly burden of sourcing and quote building from sales operations allowing every distribution channel to focus on prospecting and closing new business.

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Case Study

In 2015 Salestream asked a major national MSP to track its sales operations metrics as it prepared to release MasterStream-RX™ into production use. Implementation of MasterStream™ followed this sequence.

  • Sync product catalog within MasterStream™
  • Establish User and Partner credentials within MasterStream™
  • Connect to all underlying network vendor APIs using customer credentials
  • Database any products not available via API
  • Create partner types and custom pricing rules
  • Distribute credentials to partners


10x to 30x increase in quotes produced quarter over quarter.

Quoting helpdesk reduced from ten employees down to two employees after all products were automated.

Reduced quote turnaround from 3-5 days down to less than 3 minutes on average.

Reduced proposal turnaround from 1-2 hours down to less than 1 minute on average.

Reduced order document creation from 2 hours down to less than 1 minute on average.

Full ROI realized in less than 3 months of production use.